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Inventory Management Solved


Streamlined Staging software

Stageforce is bringing you today's most robust inventory management tools for your home staging business. We have a sleek, easy to use, intuitive design that makes managing inventory within your properties and your warehouse easy and efficient. Radio frequency identification allows you to sweep a whole house room by room to reconcile inventory. No more scanning individual items!

designed for stagers

Stageforce software comes pre-loaded and ready to use for home stagers, like yourself. 100% cloud based safe and secure. Our software's large product photos travel through the workflow of staging until in the end you have a complete history of each item, each house, each warehouse.



Once you have input your new property to be staged, Select products from your warehouses for each room. Your stagehands locate the items that you have selected and deliver them to the property. Once the property is Staged you simply Sweep the home to reconcile the inventory. 

Easy, accurate and really fast!




Comprehensive features 

  • Create Collections
  • Advanced Search
  • Complete Item Details
  • Designer Friendly
  • Historic Product View
  • Easy to Use
  • RFID Sweeping
  • Flag Damaged Items
  • Customizable Fields
  • Calculate Item ROI
  • Sell or Rent Inventory
  • Reporting 

"Stageforce is changing the face of our business.

From the moment we Inquired about the software, through implementation it has been flawless. The online guides explain each step of the process and the hands on training from the on-boarding session has made the roll-out painless.

I personally thank the Stageforce team each day for making this transition so easy."


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Unlimited Users

unlimited  Products

unlimited RFID Tags

unlimited Locations

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The Power of Stageforce


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