Can an Android be used with our software?

Our cloud based software works on any device of any kind as long as there is an internet connection.

Our sweeping app, which works with the RFID reader to sweep houses and detect tags can only be installed on iOS devices such as iPhones or iPads. It was built using Apple's creation software and is available at the app store.

Does the system only work with the Reader?  

No, the software can be used without the RFID reader.  Using the reader will eliminate user error and cut down the time needed to inventory.

Can it work with barcode or with manual entry?

The reader we recommend has the capability to scan the barcode printed on the RFID tag, and we will develop that feature if there is a demand for it.

Manual entry works perfectly, all you have to do is type in the tag number assigned to a specific product.

Am I obligated to purchase your RFID reader, or is that just a suggestion?

Purchasing the reader is completely optional. However, being able to use RFID scanning is an amazing advantage and huge time saver. We highly recommend it. You may choose to purchase your own RFID reader; however, we have negotiated deep discounts to save you money!

How do you backup and recover data?

All critical elements saved to the system are protected by a practice called soft-deleting. Soft-deleting means that when a user chooses to delete an element on the system, it is marked as 'deleted' with a deleted-at timestamp in the database and is then inaccessible to the user. However, the data is still present in the database and therefore can be restored through interacting with the database directly. Images are stored on Amazon servers, and they are also protected by soft-deletion with a similar method.

Currently we are retaining deleted elements indefinitely, but it's safe to say that if we ever need to permanently delete them we would likely retain them for weeks to months (on a rolling basis) to be safe.

We have daily automatic database backups at midnight Pacific Time that are saved for a rolling 7-day period. We also download manual backups to our programmers computer when doing larger changes to the database structure. Finally, if things were ever inadvertently deleted permanently, we have a full backup from the previous day we can restore from.