Introducing Stageforce, designed for the incredible home stager like yourself.

Technology is ready for us. 

The Stagency was created specifically to bring you the tools of today to run your staging business.

Tori Prince is a dynamic entrepreneur who has become the Subject Matter Expert on Home Staging and Inventory Management. “Design is just who I am. As a kid I would decorate my tent when we went camping and I was always re-arranging rooms to make them better. I still do!”

Monarch Service Group, Inc. was Tori Prince's first venture. Monarch was a merchandising service company retained by retail product manufacturers to increase their profits at the store level. The benefit was to maximize product turns through inventory management, POP materials and product knowledge trainings. Clients included GE, Monsanto, PPG Industries, Hyman Industries, Gilmore, Colorite, Dap, Progress Lighting, and Hunter Fans. After 10 years Tori had a successful sale of Monarch to a public company.

After taking a couple of years to travel the world studying culture, design and color, Tori launched her  first staging company in San Francisco. Real~Appeal Staging & Design grew quickly fostered by successful real estate agents who proved that staged homes sold much faster and for a notable higher price.  When the real estate  “bleep” hit the housing market in ‘09, Tori took the opportunity to move to San Diego where her sons had settled.  “Moving to be close to my family was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Transformed to Sell Staging & Design was launched in 2010 out of Tori’s 3-car garage. Again, her amazing staging results lead the way for quick growth. “I went from San Francisco where often I had to deal with small spaces to these sprawling large houses that needed a lot more inventory to effectively stage.” After growing into multiple storage units we moved into a 6000 sq ft. warehouse. You can imagine the investment in furnishings!

Critical moment:

“In 2015, we had about 45 houses up, another 10 on the board for staging the next week and 6 or 8 de-stages and I didn’t know if I had enough sofas!  The fact that we, as stagers, can run a successful business without an inventory system is absolutely amazing. The great news is that technology is ready for us!  I knew I could not continue to grow my company, hire and train designers without having an comprehensive inventory management system.”

“When researching potential inventory systems for my staging business I was truly disappointed. Most were basically excel based spreadsheets and not dynamic enough to be of real value to me. Needing to hand-scan each piece for tracking is far too awkward and time consuming to be efficient and effective.  That’s why I knew that the ideal system would need to tap into RFID technology.  With RFID you can reconcile your inventory in a staged home in less than 5 minutes.  Now I had something to get excited about!” 

"Stageforce Inventory Workflow enables you to manage your business from anywhere in the world. Every detail that you need to know about your inventory and work flow is at your fingertips. Stageforce is cloud-based software that allows you to shop your warehouse at any time to prepare your team for the next big job." 

"Stageforce has transformed my business, and I know it will transform yours. I think you're going to love it."

- Tori Prince